InvestorQ : Write a paragraph on the stock market internet?
Ishaque made post

Write a paragraph on the stock market internet?

Suresh Patil answered.
5 months ago

The stock market over the internet or trading through the internet is one such facility that has provided the traders/investors with a lot of ease and opportunities. If you go back in time, the system of bidding or buying/selling of securities was complicated and crowded. The stock market looked like a vegetable market where everyone is buying their choice of shares. It was a confusing, hectic, and very chaotic process. However, with internet trading, the problem has been solved to a great extent.

Thus, through internet banking, a client sitting in any corner of the world would be able to buy/sell using the internet as a medium through the brokers’ internet system. Not just shares, one can deal in any commodity (if listed) through online trading. This facility can be an outcome of developments in technology.