You can say that the first part of the problem is solved. There is still the challenge to prevent a run on deposits and to ensure that business continues as usual. There is also the challenge to revive loan growth and keep NPAs under check. These are all pending. However, it has surely been a hectic 15 days for the depositors and investors in Yes Bank. The bank had come under an RBI moratorium on 06 March but it was rescued in less than 2 weeks. One reality is that the depositors were well and truly protected. Barring the initial hiccups of the RBI moratorium, depositors were largely assured and also protected. The issue of deposit insurance never arose after the finance minister assured the depositors of the bank that every penny would be safe. That assurance was essential to protect the integrity of the banking system and give comfort to private bank depositors across the board. Any run on banks would have been a systemic risk. The FM assurance and the backing of a formidable name like SBI surely worked. Withdrawals have been muted even after the floodgates were opened up for the depositors.