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rhea Babu made post

Will the latest TDSAT relief be positive for Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel?

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3 weeks ago

TDSAT granted Vodafone Idea interim relief in the premium plan case. This relief virtually allows Vodafone India to onboard new customers for these premium plans. It may be recollected that the TRAI had put on hold Vodafone Idea’s RedX premium plan specially meant for high-paying postpaid customers as being unfair to the other customers.

Apart from Vodafone, this will also come as a whiff of fresh air for Bharti Airtel which had recently launched its Platinum plan for post-paid users. TDSAT, the appellate tribunal for telecom grievances, observed that it was not essential to put the plan on hold while the regulator investigated violation of service norms.

Vodafone Idea had gone to the extent of alleging that the TRAI decision to ban premium plans on the grounds of net neutrality was intended to help the cause of Reliance Jio. However, the TDSAT has allowed Jio to be a party. Vodafone may have to contend with the larger issue of how this situation differs from the earlier Facebook standoff.