These are early days so may be hard to day but one thing is certain. The controversy over the origins of the COVID-19 crisis has surely raised question marks over the willingness of the global manufacturers to continue their dependence on China.

In fact, it is veritably reported that global manufacturers have initiated talks with Indian companies to explore the possibility of shifting a part of their supply chains from China towards India. It is likely to be more of a risk diversification strategy. One sector that is seriously looking at the India alternative are the companies interested in sourcing automobile components and electronic products.

They have been hit badly by the disruption in the Wuhan and Hubel provinces of China. No less a person than Pankaj Munjal of Hero Motors has confirmed that they had received several such enquiries from global companies with operations in China.

Most are apparently looking to de-risk their supply chains. Countries like Japan have already earmarked $2.2 billion to help Japanese companies shift production out of China. Apparently, European electronic companies are not too keen to shift out of China but there is a strong demand from the US and most of Asia.

How India capitalizes on this opportunity and how it manages to bring its infrastructure up to the mark will be the key driver.