Obviously, that is not possible. At the end of the day, the broker has to pay the margin to the exchange for all delivery trades. Clients have to necessarily use the "MIS" order type only to avail margins in this facility. Of course, in case you entered into an MIS order and then want convert into delivery trade then you can deposit the margin in your trading account for the delivery and use that to buy shares in delivery. Then you can continue to use the stock margin to trade intraday. But your broker will not allow you to use stock margins for taking delivery of shares.
MIS Orders or Margin Intraday Square-Off Orders provide traders with additional leverage as they are purely Intraday Orders. However, in case you want to convert the MIS order into a full delivery order (Normal) then you need to inform the broker well in advance as otherwise, the RMS will automatically cut the position in your case. Normally, MIS orders are automatically squared off latest by 3:15 if not squared off by the client or if the normal order is not opted for.