A court in UK has directed Anil Ambani to make interim payment of $717 million within 21 days. This is towards loans that RCOM had taken from 3 Chinese banks and the same carried the personal guarantee of Anil Ambani. In addition, Anil Ambani also has to pay £750,000 as trial proceeding costs to the 3 Chinese banks. Of the interim payment of $717 million, a sum of $550 million is the principal outstanding while the balance is interest. The 3 Chinese banks in question are ICBC, China Development Bank and EXIM Bank of China. However, the final amount owed by Ambani will only be assessed based on RCOM insolvency procedures. Anil Ambani’s counsel has argued that ICBC made the claim based on an alleged guarantee that was never signed by Mr. Ambani nor authorized. Anil Ambani has already expressed his inability to raise any finance from external sources.