InvestorQ : Will a global fund help me invest in foreign markets?
Shobit Khurana made post

Will a global fund help me invest in foreign markets?

Tarun Madaan answered.
3 years ago

Yes, a global fund will allow you to invest in foreign markets and make the most of opportunities in foreign equities.

A global fund allows investors to have a diversified portfolio of foreign/global stocks. By investing in international stocks, an investor can increase his/her potential returns. It also helps mitigate and balance the risk that comes with being over invested in a particular market.

A global fund can invest in any country or region and will be advertised to potential investors as region-specific funds, similar to the theme fund we have in India.


Shivali Sharma answered.
1 year ago

Yes, it will. Some of the best performing foreign funds are as under:

1. Franklin Feeder US

2. Nippon US opportunities

3. Franklin Asia Equity Fund

4. Kotak World Gold Fund

5. DSP US Flexibility Equity Fund

You can choose the best suitable funds according to your investment objectives and risk-taking.