Infosys has affirmed that the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) had concluded its investigation into the whistleblower allegations against the company and given a clean chit to the company. It may be recollected that the whistleblower allegations revolved around anomalies in visa costs, large deals, reversal of certain provisions and non-disclosure of key information. The complaint had squarely put the blame on the CEO and the CFO. Infosys also confirmed that it did not anticipate any further action by the SEC on this matter since Infosys had cooperated with the SEC and given all information called for. Earlier on 10 January 2020, Infosys had got a clean chit from the internal audit committee which concluded that the whistleblower allegations were substantially without merit. It was this clean chit which enabled Infosys to rally more than 12% on 24 March.