The G-20 Meet, as you must be aware, is a meeting of the 20 most powerful nations in the world economically. This group includes Japan, China, US, Europe and many other developed and emerging nations. The excitement in the market is all about the proposed meeting between Donald Trump of the United States and Xi Jinping of China in the sidelines of the G-20 Summit. Both China and the US have been involved in a trade war in the last few months where the US has tried to reduce its trade deficit with China by imposing higher tariffs on Chinese imports. This has been hitting both the economies. The US consumers are paying higher prices and that is leading to inflation. Chinese are seeing job losses as their products are less in demand in the US.

Apart from hitting these two nations, the world markets are also worried about the impact of this trade war on the world economy as a whole. The US and China are the two largest economies in the world and account for nearly 40% of world GDP. Also, China is the largest consumer of most metals and commodities and a slowdown in China means a slowdown in growth in a host of smaller countries. That is why other countries are also pushing for a quick resolution to the trade dispute issue. If issue gets settled during their talks in Osaka, then both the nations should heave a sigh of relief as will other countries in the world.