The UAE government is with a new bid to boost the country's economy through upliftment of schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Emirati government has come with a plan to attract talented teachers from India.

The government will roll out a recruitment drive offering significantly higher salaries to teach in UAE’s government schools.

Currently, nearly 3,000 vacant seats are open for candidates in Mumbai and Delhi. Teachers are required to assess potential candidates via written examinations and interviews. Salary is expected to be approx. Dh16,000 (nearly ₹304,017) per month.

The recruitment firm is with the aim to attract those Indian teachers who are interested to work in Dubai. The process has already been started but at a slow pace.

This drive also avails family members of foreign citizens to include Indian workers in the UAE. This can be enabled through the country's new guidelines called "expat visa".

Source: Google Image.