InvestorQ : Why it is important for senior citizens to have health insurance?
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Why it is important for senior citizens to have health insurance?

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krithika Saxena answered.
7 months ago

After retirement, it is all glitter and gold until you have good things to do such as enjoying your vacations, spending time with your grandchildren, spending time with your spouse, etc. However, with all the good stuff the chances of you getting age-related symptoms and diseases increase. To enjoy your golden period you need to be healthy.

Now, you think that you can cover that from your retirement pension or any other retirement income. However, the cost of medical care is growing double the inflation and hence it is turning out to be really expensive.

Many salaried people depend upon their employer’s group health insurance cover while they are working, but it doesn’t cover them after retirement, which means this is the worst decision one can ever take. However, one can always look for a senior citizen health plan at the rescue, even though the cost of the plan is substantially higher, the benefits will definitely outweigh the cost.

So, to stay covered in your later age, and when you are not left with so many options, it is better to take a senior citizen health insurance rather than regretting your prior decisions.