As per the recent release of records for FY 2018-19 over India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it showed a downward trend with nearly 6.8%. Several sectors like agriculture and manufacturing have resulted in poor performance.

The country's GDP rate has slowed down in January-March 2018-2019 quarter. It landed till 6%. March quarter FY- 2017-18, GDP rate grew over 8%.

Below are a few reasons by experts for India's declining GDP growth rate in five years:
1) The major financial crisis in NBFC. However, it is in a continuous process to recover soon.
2) India's rising employment rate.
3) Fiscal deficit data of FY- 2018-19. The rate came nearly to 3.40% of GDP. The main cause is said to be an increase in non-tax revenue and lower expenditure.