InvestorQ : Why is goal setting really so important?
Tanu Shukla made post

Why is goal setting really so important?

seema Upadhyaya answered.
3 years ago

When you plan your goals in advance, it enables you to achieve a lot more than merely adopting a random approach. As Tony Robins rightly said, “Conservative and impotent goals tend to make people lazy. When goals do not inspire you, it shows in your performance and in the performance of your investments”. Setting goals in your investment process forces you to look at reality more closely, compels you to rethink and rework your goals and never permits you to take your eyes away from the post.

The legendary pugilist, Mohammed Ali, rightly said, “What kept me going were my goals”. That is very true of your trading and investment performance. Look for that extra alpha. Search for the newer avenue to make that extra return. When you know that you are up against a steep goal, it forces you to think differently and act differently. In the process, the clarity of where you want to reach creates a trading and investment environment which not only generates alpha but also takes you to your goal.