InvestorQ : Why has Thyrocare gone up so sharply on Tuesday?
Aditi Sharma made post

Why has Thyrocare gone up so sharply on Tuesday?

Mahima Roy answered.
10 months ago

Thyrocare Technologies stock was up over 15% on Tuesday to a level of Rs.883 representing an all time high price on the bourses. The company reported 37% growth in revenues for the Sep-20 quarter as pharma and diagnostics have shown the best recovery traction.

Thyrocare has completed more than 4 lakh Covid-19 RT-PCR tests and more than 3.20 lakh COVID-19 antibody tests since the onset of the pandemic. It is conducting the RT-PCR tests from its laboratory in Gurgaon and Delhi and will expand to Bengaluru and Kolkata too.

However, Thyrocare has also sounded a note of caution that any resumption of full-fledged operations for tests other than COVID-19 would largely depend on the pandemic situation and any subsequent directives from the Government of India