InvestorQ : Why has Indigo laid off 10% of its staff in one go?
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Why has Indigo laid off 10% of its staff in one go?

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Anamika Sodhani answered.
3 months ago

To be fair, Indigo may not have had a much of a choice due to the current post-COVID conditions. Despite being well capitalized and profitable until recently, Indigo will have to lay off 10% of its staff. This was communicated by the CEO, Ronojoy Dutta, to the employees. COVID-19 has hit the tourism and aviation sector in a big way.

As of now, most domestic airlines are running a skeletal service with international approvals still to come through. For Indigo, this is an added problem as it has a huge fleet of over 250 planes and the costs of maintenance and servicing of lease rentals is a fixed commitment for the airline. Only a small percentage of its plane fleet was able to ply, adding to idling costs.

However, Indigo has worked out an attractive golden parachute package for the employees who are exiting the company. The airline has confirmed that all outgoing employees being paid salary in lieu of notice and severance pay up to 12 months salary, depending on the number of years of service put in. Leave encashment and gratuity will be paid in full.