I agree that both are consumer stocks but the difference is in the nature of the demand. PVR is a consumer company which is more like an airline and each day it is shut, the money is lost. That is why it looks like a tale of two consumer stocks, if you look at PVR and Hindustan Unilever.

PVR, once the darling of global and Indian investors, touched a 4-year low post the lockdown. The stock is down nearly 55% in the last 10 trading sessions and sees no immediate respite as customer are likely to remain sceptical of closed places even in the future. Hence, it is expected that even after the lockdown is lifted and PVR allowed to open, the crowds may still be sceptical.

Meanwhile, Hindustan Unilever consolidated its position as the third most valuable company in India with its 12% rally on Tuesday. Its market cap crossed Rs.5 trillion for the first time in its history and now it has gone way beyond HDFC Bank in terms of market cap.

Clearly, the ability to supply essentials and hygiene products is working in its favour.