In opening trades, Yes Bank crashed over 25% in early deals. However, the subsequent short covering did bring the stock up although it remains to be seen if the rally can be sustained or not. One of the reasons for the sharp fall was that its largest promoter Madhu Kapur sold 2.48 crore shares at Rs.65.07 apiece on Wednesday. This was revealed in the bulk deals reported by the NSE. Madhu Kapur is the wife of the late Ashok Kapur, who founded the private lender along with Rana Kapoor in 2004. Ashok Kapur was unfortunately killed in the Taj attacks in November 2008. She had been engaged in a long battle with Rana Kapoor over management control and a greater say in board decisions. Madhu Kapur is also the sister of Bindu Kapoor, the wife of Rana Kapoor. However, the stock has recovered from lows as the concerns that people had about deposits moving out has not been too grave.