InvestorQ : Why did Titan rally so sharply on 07 October?
shrinidhi Rajan made post

Why did Titan rally so sharply on 07 October?

8 months ago

The shares of Titan were up by 6% on Wednesday after it reported that its jewellery business did extremely well in the Sep-20 quarter. Titan even reported that its sales were almost 98% back to pre-COVID levels.

The company also confirmed that the walk-ins had improved and conversion rates as well as the average ticket sizes were higher than the previous year. Titan is gearing up to gain from the upcoming festival season as buying vengeance is expected to return.

Titan enjoys almost a dominant position in the organized jewelry and watches segment in India. Titan’s stock value has been derived from consistently strengthening value proposition, and new customer acquisitions. It surely puts Titan in a sweet spot.