Clearly, Indigo has realized that there is not it can afford to pay salaries when its planes are idling. Indigo has gone a step further. It announced that not only was it reinstating pay cuts of up to 25 per cent for senior employees, but also emphasized that reduction in salary would remain effective through the fiscal year 2020-21. Apart from the pay cuts, Indigo is also designing a furlough policy where employees will be asked to stay at home without salary in some cases. Indigo has already paid full salary of April to its employees. Indigo first announced its decision to cut salaries on March 19 but rescinded the move on April 23 in deference to the government's wishes. However, that was clearly not practical as there was no way an airline could pay full salaries when it planes were idling on the tarmac. With 48% share in the domestic air passenger market, Indigo is the largest airline in India with over 23,531 employees on its rolls. Other airlines are in the same boat. GoAir has sent majority of its employees on leave without pay till May-end. Vistara has compulsory leave without pay for up to six days a month for its senior employees. SpiceJet has cut salaries of mid and senior level employees by 10-30%. The pressure is clearly on.