Facebook will be fined with a multi-billion dollar under the 2011 privacy violation. Cambridge Analytica had harvested the information of 87 million people via Facebook without the consent of the user. This information came out in 2011 and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started investigating this case of violation of privacy. This case dated back to 2011, and as per 2011 settlement, Facebook had promised multiple measures to protect user privacy after the agency found the company’s data collection and processing to be harmful to users. The agreement required Facebook to

a) seek users’ permission to share their data with third parties, and

b) notify the commission if third-party misuses the data.

As per the news by Washington Post, FTC Official might give the highest penalty yo Facebook with $22.5 million fine. However, the amount is yet not announced as Facebook and FTC officials are discussing on this multibillion-dollar fine and negotiation is still going on.