India welcomes the first retail store idea of Apple Inc. The company has shortlisted locations of India reach closer to Indian customers. The company will be adding efforts to become the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market.

The final decision regarding the retail site will be declared next week.
Apple has stopped opening its own store in the country due to failing to meet the local sourcing requirements. However, the decision over the company's shift to India for manufacturing and retail expansion is pending with the government.

One of the reasons for Apple's manufacturing idea in India is it can sidestep nearly 20 % tariffs on imported phones. This will make a direct impact on the phone price thus making its devices more competitive.
Cook believes India is a very important market in the long term but a challenging market in the short term. Market analyst comment that the idea of a store establishment before the next launch would prove to be a perfect time for Apple to restart its Indian growth story.

According to the latest result of Apple Inc., India contributed its revenue for the company. Being a minor part of the company's business, India recorded about 6%, that includes about 1 % of the smartphone market.