As per the GST Rules any business with an annual turnover of more than Rs.20 lakhs per annum will have to register and pay the GST on their transactions. In case of North Eastern states, this limit has been further reduced to Rs.10 lakhs. However, if your business is going to sell outside the state of operation then you need to register and pay GST irrespective of the turnover. Additionally, the GST Council is offering a special Composite Scheme for small businesses with annual turnover of less than Rs.75 lakhs. Such businesses can opt for the Composite Levy Scheme and pay between 1.5% and 5% on the value of the turnover. However, most service providers are outside the ambit of the Composite Scheme. Also any business that is into inter-state sales cannot opt for the Composite Scheme. Also, the businesses that opt for the Composite Scheme will not get the benefit of input tax credit and the entire tax paid has to be expensed.