The Flipkart purchase of Wal-Mart’s cash and carry business gives it greater access to the wholesale franchise of Wal-Mart. RIL is in talks to but Future Retail while Amazon wants a 9.99% stake in Reliance Retail. It looks like Wal-Mart and Reliance may end up fighting for a bigger share of the India Kirana market pie. Let us see who can possibly win the game?

Both have deep pockets for sure so investments will not be the constraint. Wal-Mart and Flipkart can match Facebook, RIL and Google; dollar for dollar. The real challenge will be who can manage the Business to Customer or B2C game better. The challenge will be to drive B2C reach on one side and vendor efficiency on the other side.

Customer insights could hold the key. While vendor efficiency is a game of technology, the B2C experience could be the critical differentiator as it relies on customer insights. Here, Wal-Mart and Flipkart could have a slight edge with its deep global insights into feet-on-street B2C. How B2C is eventually managed could provide the winning edge.