In fact, the RBI has taken multiple level measures to ensure that there is no freeze in the financial markets due to the sharp fall in the equity markets. RBI is supplying large amounts of liquidity to the markets and the financial system in the light of the Coronavirus impact. RBI also agreed to offer Rs.100,000 crore over 2 days to banks via repo operations. This window allows banks to borrow overnight funds at the repo rate of 5.15% against collateral of G-Secs. In addition, the RBI is also bringing forward planned bond purchases under its OMO scheme buying Rs.15,000 crore of government bonds on March 24 and an equivalent amount on March 26. In addition, the RBI ha also announced $4 billion in forex swaps to provide dollar liquidity in addition to Rs.40,000 crore in government bond purchases and Rs.100,000 lakh crore in overnight liquidity and an equal amount via LTRO. The overall stimulus by the RBI is to the tune of $25 billion, which is big enough.