InvestorQ : which movement is controlled by CNC?
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which movement is controlled by CNC?

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Roshni Hegde answered.
1 year ago

What is a CNC Order in Trading in Stock Markets? The full form of CNC is Cash N Carry. you can call the CNC product as a non-intraday product. It is used in the Equity Segment of the Indian stock exchange.

Purpose in markets? To buy or sell shares for delivery during market hours. This application is used for trading of equity.
Buy and sell in the same day; you can use it for Intraday. If you don't hold any stock in your demate account you will not be able to sell the share using the product code.

How does it works? Once you buy shares using CNC option, it goes to your demate account. The procedure takes T+2 days to transfer.
For instance- If you buy shares at a certain quoted price it will reflect after two days in your respective portfolio.
If you sell your shares using CNC option, shares would be transferred to the demat account to fulfill your sale obligations with the exchanges.

What is G in CNC? G- codes in CNC program tells the machine tool to perform the action that has been ordered. It works in rapid movement.