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Noora v made post

which is the best sectoral funds to start investing now. I want invest for 5 years . I prefer an SIP of 1000 per month

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abhishek nair answered.
9 months ago

Pharma funds are very good for sector fund as all we know pharma industry is commonding high margir and helathcare business will grow very fast as India is developing PMJAY is a key factor for this business till 5 lakhs people are getting free treatment it's a huge benefit for the pharma company and now in all pharma funds they are adding diagnostic bussiness as well as hospital chains so this point of time pharma fund are not alone a pharma specific fund it's now diversified into hospital as well as diagnostic bussiness. So my suggestion is for you is one of pharma funds from DSP, ABSL, SBI, NIPPON AMC ETC.