InvestorQ : Which is the best bank to apply for student loan ?
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Which is the best bank to apply for student loan ?

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Rohit Lad answered.
1 year ago

1) State Bank of India:- The maximum loan for domestic education is 40 lakhs and for studying abroad is 1.5 crore. There is an interest subsidy for choosing Education Loan Insurance Scheme. The interest rate range is 10.45 to 10.75%.
2) Axis Bank:- Highest domestic education loan amount is 75 lakhs. The interest rate is around 15%. This is the best bank for educational loan in terms of highest loan amount availability and reasonable interest rates. It has special interest rates for women applicants.
3) HDFC Bank:- This is the best bank for education loan in the field of international education assistance services regarding loans and other financial services. This bank has 100% education finance available.
4)Punjab National Bank:- It has zero processing fee for domestic education loans and refundable processing fee for foreign education loans. It has interest rate concession for disabled students. This is the best bank for loan services flexibility, students pick what they want and leave the rest.
5) Canara Bank:- It has no minimum education loan barrier. It has Education Loan subsidy under three different government schemes for minorities, socially backward cl*** and economically backward cl***.

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Akash answered.
1 year ago

Canara bank best