InvestorQ : which intraday strategy works all the time ?
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which intraday strategy works all the time ?

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Ishita Jain answered.
1 year ago

Pls check;
In trading, my 3 key important mantras that help in making the decision are, "When to buy, when to sell and when to stay away from the market".

Most important of all, be clear while trading in the market and when you must do nothing. There is nothing wrong in losses and be prepared to take a loss. It is wiser to take a small loss than expose yourself to a big loss. Taking a loss is a hard decision but if you want to be a successful trader, then you need to learn to when and how to take losses.

Below is the link of an answer that can help you more to explore intraday strategy:

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Dilip shukla answered.
1 year ago

There is no holy grail of trading ,but what works always is stoploss make a strategy and stick to it never averege in trading ,never lower your stoploss