InvestorQ : which endowment plan is available at a lower premium?
minakshi solanki made post

which endowment plan is available at a lower premium?

Purvesh answered.
6 months ago

The endowment plans are basically available at a lower premium but depend upon the policy term you take it. While taking the life insurance policy, your purpose of taking the policy is very important. I have seen people buying the policy because they want to save tax or because their friend starting the agency or any relative.

The Life Insurance policy must be taken considering the purpose. For e.g, if you are the only earning member and many people are depending on you then must go with Term Insurance.

There are many forms of Insurance available and many renowned organizations are selling the products. Some of the points to consider before buying any insurance products from the market. (Organisations)

1) Claim settlement %

2) Since how many years they are in the market.

3) Their product is fulfilling your goal.

4) Always read Terms & Conditions.

The policy you will be taking will always come under IRDA so there won't be any frauds possible. I have tried to answer your question. If you still have any query kindly notify me.