InvestorQ : which bank account is maximum safe in our life ?
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which bank account is maximum safe in our life ?

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Priyanka Singh answered.
1 year ago

There are different bank accounts you can opt for as per the financial capability and demand. But one such bank account that many financial advisors choose is Saving account. This type of account suits all income group. It is an account that gives,
1) Interest rate to the account holder,
2) charges the holder if the account money fails to maintain a certain average monthly balance
3) Gives a way to set aside unneeded funds.
4) A source of the most liquid investments
5) Restricts the holder to make unnecessary withdrawals, as it penalises the holder
6) Easy transaction - Net banking, Debit - ATM cards.
7) Specially designed for students, senior citizens, salaried, homemakers, etc.,

Thus, your hard earned money can be kept safe in saving bank account!

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