InvestorQ : Which are the good small and large-cap funds of 2021 with a reason?
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Which are the good small and large-cap funds of 2021 with a reason?

Karim Sahu answered.
1 month ago
It is not recommended to randomly pick mutual fund schemes or categories for investing. However, well-diversified mutual fund schemes with a consistent track record are most likely to have a high potential to generate substantial wealth in the long run. Such schemes offer higher risk-adjusted returns and help investors beat inflation over a long period of time. Thus based on our internal research, below the small-cap and large cap-based schemes have consistently generated higher risk-adjusted returns for investors over the period of time and are likely to continue to do so.

However, it is very important for the investors to undergo a comprehensive risk profiling exercise and invest according to their risk appetite, investment horizon and long-term realistic financial goals of life as the risk grade of both the mentioned schemes is "Very High". The minimum recommended horizon for a large cap-based fund is 5 years and for a small-cap-based fund is 8-10 years as small caps are relatively very risky and volatile.

Scheme Name
AUM (RsCr)
CAGR Return(%)
5 Year7 Year10 Year
Nippon India Small Cap Fund(G)13,08519.923.220.8
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund(G)23,99315.615.715.2
Return as on May 17, 2021