InvestorQ : Which are the best 2019 small cap and mid cap mutual funds to invest?
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Which are the best 2019 small cap and mid cap mutual funds to invest?

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Roshni Hegde answered.
1 year ago

I have been in the market and trading for quite a long period. Recently my experience was good through investing the two small-cap mutual fund schemes. This February, I had listed this scheme for my personal investment target. It managed to retain its spot even in March.

The recent market update says, since last year, the small-cap fund category has not provided good returns. Thus, I would recommend one should never plan to invest small-cap mutual fund for short term. Instead, wait for a longer period and get superior returns. The small-cap mutual fund has got the potential to offer good returns.

My personal views on the best small cap mutual funds to invest in 2019 are:
L&T Emerging Business, Fund HDFC Small Cap Fund.

Coming to Midcap mutual fund investment, it is invested in mid-sized companies that have the potential to become large companies. However, if they fail, investors may have to face the loss.
Thus, generally, I don't advise beginners to invest in this fund. Midcap mutual fund is the choice for those investors who have a very high-risk appetite. This fund can be good to maintain with the time horizon of at least 10 years.

I have hand picked two best 2019 mid-cap equity mutual fund for you to achieve your long-term financial goals.
Invesco India Midcap Fund, Axis Midcap Fund

(You can check the performance of above-recommended funds through

I got to read about the Midcap mutual fund and other best mutual fund for sip through one of the answers here: