You are right that Viral Acharya, the current deputy governor of RBI, has resigned 6 months of the scheduled completion of his term. His has asked to be relieved from his duties by July 23rd, 2019. While Dr. Viral Acharya has already sent his resignation to the RBI board, it is not yet clear if the resignation has been accepted or not. When Dr. Urjit Patel had resigned from the post of RBI governor, there were speculations that he too would resign. Dr. Acharya was known for his very strong views on the subject of central bank independence and the pursuit of data-driven monetary policy.

You may recollect that Dr. Acharya was one of the original supporters of Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) in the case of weaker banks. He was also a member of the all-important Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) as an RBI representative to guide the direction of monetary policy. As a person in charge of financial stability, Dr. Acharya was at the helm of handling the banking and the NBFC crisis over the last few years.

Most deputy governors at the RBI retire by rotation and that is a routine process. While the RBI has not made any official statement on this subject, it is expected that another deputy governor (N.S. Viswanathan) who is due to retire by rotation may be asked to continue for 2 more years. You will have to await the final word from the RBI on this subject.