The G-20 is an important forum for global leaders of the top 20 most powerful countries to meet. These are all countries with annual GDP of around $1 trillion and more and have a big say in the future of the global economy. Mr. Modi discussed defence, trade, terrorism and maritime security with key nations like Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, Chile, Japan, United States, Saudi Arabia etc. Some of the key highlights included as under.

· PM held a meeting with the World Bank and IMF representatives on more constructive participation by these international institutions in giving India a larger growth impetus.

· There was a separate meeting with the United Nations Security Group (UNSG) where the issue of international terrorism, isolation of state actors and the membership of India into the UNSC were discussed.

· Modi also had a RIC meeting with Russia, India and China participating. These are the three most powerful economies of emerging Asia and they will be looking to creating a potential counterweight to the US/Japanese influence in the Asian region.

· Most importantly, Modi also had bilateral and tri-lateral meetings with Donald Trump where a host of issues were discussed including the data policy, trade restrictions and special status, tariff barriers, sanctions on Iran etc.