Warren Buffet or say the most successful investor made the largest position in his portfolio in the year 1988. He invested more than $1 billion in shares of “Coca-Cola”. It is one of the most dominant companies in the beverage industry. The investment of Buffett’s in Coca Cola story gave few examples of investing patience and knowledge. Warren Buffet never worried about a competitor would come and take over his company's market share. He had a focus on analysing a situation in which a company's value exceeded its market price.

During early 1988, the cost of the company's stock price was $2.45 per share. Coca-cola experienced a huge change that gained 11% approx. (annually) resulting in nearly 16 times over the ensuing 27 years. After utilizing the investment of Warren Buffet the Coco-Cola (NYSE- New York Stock Exchange) announced a buyback of 6% of its shares and increased the dividend by 18%.

Warren Buffet gave a change in his approach from "buying bad companies at great prices" to "buying great companies at good prices."
In 1988, success to Coca-cola was not only achieved by Buffet's investment, but also by its longevity. Warren Buffet maintained the reputation of finding excellent company strategy. This was made by holding the company for a longer time. Thus, it helps creates to remain loyal to Coca-Cola and the company’s brand name at its best.