It was the largest fall for the Dow in terms of points on March 09, 2020. The Dow Jones and other indices hit lower circuit on Monday for the first time since 1997 as it cracked 7% on opening. The Dow closed over 2000 points lower on Monday, cracking close to 8% in a single day. The NASDAQ was also down by almost 7% as most of the frontline technology stocks fell by 5-10%. The worst hit were the oil stocks as they fell close to 20% in most cases due to the sharp 25% fall in oil prices in a single day. The combination of the oil price crash and the spread of the Coronavirus led to the fall in Dow. With the fall on Monday, the US markets have corrected nearly 20% in less than a month. Dow is just about 210 points away from a full-fledged bear market.