InvestorQ : What support services like stock recommendations can I get from DP?
Mahima Roy made post

What support services like stock recommendations can I get from DP?

swati Bakhda answered.
3 years ago
Hold on my friend, a DP does not give you stock recommendations. Don’t get confused. It is the broker who gives stock specific recommendations. The DP is only supposed to hold your shares in custody. The DP is not supposed to give you stock recommendations and is not permitted to give you stock recommendations. That is the job of a broker where you have a trading account. But when the DP is also a broker there is the added advantage of providing value research that can easily linked to your demat account. How does that work?
Say you are holding Tata Steel in your demat account. You are not sure whether to sell or hold the stock. The DP can offer you a clickable link and you will be allowed with the knowledge that you are going outside the main DP side. The stock back end code is linked to other information of the company like research reports, earnings update, news, financials, board meetings, corporate actions details etc. A DP cannot be judged only by the routine transactions. It must also be judged based on how they provide ancillary services. How long does it take it get your physical shares dematerialized? Do the corporate actions get credited to your demat account automatically? How efficiently does the DP deal with issues like pledge, lien, and customer complaints etc? All these add up to giving you a good service experience.