A budget is planning of expense and income for a specific period. Therefore, Union Budget refers to matching country’s estimated expense to estimated income. Finance Minister with the team drafts the expenses for the upcoming financial year and to fulfill this requirement it has to generate certain income from the country, which is generally done through tax. Tax paid by the citizen is the income to government, which is spent on the productive task as earlier planned by the government.

An Aggressive budget aims at a macro-level of economic growth, so it might have some changes that might reap benefits not initially, but eventually will have a good impact. On another hand, populist budget tries to please the citizen and thus to become popular. Populist budget generally has a policy that will give instant benefits to the citizens.

As General Election 2019 ahead, finance minister Arun Jaitley will present an interim Budget on February 1. As per practice, the presented Interim Budget will require approval for essential government spending for a limited period till the election, after which a full-fledged budget will be presented by the new Government.

Coming to your question, I personally think that this interim budget could be a populist as the government would like to use this opportunity to win back people’s trust and enthusiasm for NDA. However, as a government, NDA too will have certain restrictions and so to present a populist budget will be a difficult task.