The entire rescue of the bank has been done based on protecting the interests of the depositors so you don’t have to really worry. Of course, it is finally your choice. The CEO of the bank, Prashant Kumar has assured that there is enough liquidity to meet any requirement when the bank resumes normal operations on Wednesday. He was however expressing confidence that Yes Bank customers would not rush for the exits. His confidence stems from the fact that only 1/3rd of the customers opted for the Rs.50,000 facility earlier. That means, they don’t have any urgency to withdraw or shift money out. The bank has also assured that all bank ATMs and branches will have enough cash to handle withdrawals. In addition, you must also get comfort from the fact that SBI remains committed to the investment and will not sell any part of its 48% stake before the expiry of 3-year lock-in. Clearly, the RBI and SBI are in the picture so you don’t need to worry about the deposits. They are absolutely safe. For shareholders and bondholders it is a different ball game.