InvestorQ : What should a person do after he/she meets with an accident?
Sakshi Malhotra made post

What should a person do after he/she meets with an accident?

Aastha Awasthi answered.
3 years ago

This is such a helpful question, for most of us, often, get so panicky that we can’t think right. Thinking straight is the best thing you can do in any adverse situation.

So, first up, keep a cool head if any accident occurs. You are likely to do more damage than good by allowing the situation to get to you.

Here’s what you should do immediately after you meet with an accident:

#1. Check yourself for injuries. Try to move all your limbs slowly as this will help you determine the extent of damage. This will also help you figure whether you need to call an ambulance or not.

#2. Note down the details of the other vehicle involved in the accident. Details such as the number plate, make, colour and model of the car are details that are best jotted down at the very moment, for you can easily forget them.

#3. Write down the names and contact numbers of the witnesses present at the accident scene. These are the witnesses who will later ideally help when it comes to determining who caused the accident.

#4. Call up the police. If you want to successfully claim a third-party liability, then you have to file a first information report (FIR) with the police.

#5. Take control of the situation and assess the damage caused. Call up your insurance company if you feel that you or the third party need to make a claim. However, if you feel that you can forego making the claim as the damage is negligible, then that is totally up to you.