InvestorQ : What segments does CAMS work in?
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What segments does CAMS work in?

diksha shah answered.
11 months ago
CAMS sales come from 3 main segments- Mutual fund services, Distribution services, and other services.

Mutual fund services:  CAMS provides a range of technology-enabled infrastructure to mutual funds and is involved through the life cycle of an account from account creation to processing transactions and redemption of the amount invested. It is India’s largest registrar and transfer agent  (RTA) of mutual funds with an aggregate market share of ~70% based on mutual fund average assets under management managed by clients and serviced by CAMS during July 2020 (as per CRISIL). Within MF services, it derives a major portion of its revenue from Transfer Agency Services where it manages operational and investor service elements (Transaction, Origination, Operations, Investor Services, Risk Management, and Compliance of mutual funds).

Distribution services: Within this segment, it offers a package that includes recordings of distributors empaneled for each client & maintenance of brokerage structures applicable for product and scheme, computation of various types of brokerage payable, handling distributor queries, etc.

Other services: There is a bouquet of offerings that are clubbed under other services. These include Alternative Investment Fund Services, Electronic Payment Collection, Insurance Services, KYC Registration Agency (KRA), etc.  Over the years, CAMS has leveraged its domain expertise, processes, and infrastructure to diversify its service offering to cater to a variety of other financial services sectors.