InvestorQ : what's next target of graphite india limited
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what's next target of graphite india limited

Mahima Roy answered.
4 years ago
It is very difficult to put a target for a stock like Graphite that has lost nearly 70% from its peak price. The stock had gone up sharply in the last two years because Graphite makes the graphite electrodes which go into the electric arc furnaces that are used to make steel. So when steel demand was estimated to grow three-fold in India by 2030, the biggest beneficiary was graphite companies like Graphite India and HEG.

The stock has a problem of debt but at the current price/earnings ratio of 2.2, the downside risk may not be too high. The stock is currently quoting at Rs.305 and you can trade for an immediate upside target of Rs.350. You will have to take the stock one level at a time and tune your strategy accordingly.