These are decisions that are best left to the leader of the party to take these decisions because they have the necessary vision and they know the road ahead for the nation and the economy. Surely, Mr. Modi has a larger picture in mind when he has done these allocations. I suggest you look at some of the key allocations and understand why it is important.

· Prime Minister has retained the space and nuclear program in his own portfolio. This is absolutely understandable considering that these are two sensitive portfolios which require the involvement of the prime minister at the highest level of decision making.

· In the last two elections, Amit Shah has proved to be not only an able administrator but also having the capacity to multi-task. The big challenge now is to ensure internal peace and stability and that requires a combination of understanding of processes and also the ability to take quick and decisive action. Amit Shah has proved himself and so he would be a natural fit for the sensitive Home Ministry.

· The government has also gone out of the normal routine approach by roping in a very senior and accomplished former diplomat like S Jayshankar for the very critical Ministry of External Affairs. As the trade war worsens and India needs to take a stand on issues like BREXIT, Middle East crisis, Jayshankar may be the right person for the job with his diplomatic skills.

· Lastly, look at the Finance ministry. Nirmala Sitharaman has been able administrator and a persuasive leader as she proved herself in the commerce ministry and defence ministry in her previous tenure. The market is looking forward to someone who can take forward reforms with greater pace and also attract foreign investment. A smart move is to combine corporate affairs and finance under the same person.

Of course, you can go on about a lot of other ministries, but the message is that the government is willing to experiment with new people at the helm and also it is willing to rotate tasks to build better all round expertise. You can take away one thing from the new cabinet that it surely means business and Indian businesses will have a lot to cheer about.