Indiabulls Real Estate reported a 75.69% fall in net profits at Rs.49.27 crore for the Dec-19 quarter. The sharp fall in net profits was largely on account of higher expenses. Total income for the Dec-19 quarter increased by 2.33% to Rs.1318 crore. However, that was more than offset by a 20% increase in total expenses to Rrs.1201 crore. This includes a write-off of Rs.79.88 crore towards impairment certain financial assets. The company has been trying to monetize some of its assets and has successfully monetized its stake in Century of London as well as the sale of Maraina Infrastructure to Blackstone. However, the company continues to remain under pressure on account of rampant bad assets problem and till that shows signs of bottoming out, it would be best to stay off the stock for the time being. You can take a view later once there is clarity on quality of assets.