InvestorQ : what is variable SIP calculator ?
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what is variable SIP calculator ?

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Sadaf Khan answered.
1 year ago

SIP Calculator helps ensure that the investor can figure out how large a monthly investment can provide the required corpus. Steps to Use SIP Calculator to calculate returns on SIP Investment

The SIP calculator uses some key data such to calculate the final value of your investment. Following are the key steps that need to be followed when using the SIP mutual fund calculator.

Step 1. Input the monthly SIP amount you are comfortable with. In case of mutual fund schemes, the minimum SIP amount allowed is Rs. 500 though many schemes require a minimum of Rs. 1000 to be invested every month.

Step 2

. Estimate the rate of return on your investment. This is definitely not an exact science; however, based on the track record of the fund, you can determine a probable rate of return and input that into the SIP calculator.

Step 3

. The third variable that is required in case of the SIP maturity calculator is the investment tenure. This refers to the amount of time you want to continue investing. In most cases, SIP schemes have a minimum tenure of 6 months however some may require a longer minimum tenure of 12 months.