InvestorQ : What is the SBI cards target for the year 2020?
varsha Motwani made post

What is the SBI cards target for the year 2020?

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Priyanka N answered.
2 weeks ago

The stock had a great debut on its IPO but the COVID impact took the stock down. It is hard to set a short term target for the stock as it will depend on how quickly spending recovers. The big worry is what will be the impact of the EMI moratorium being withdrawn as it could lead to a spate of defaults by these credit card customers. If things return to normal by November, one can look to a target of Rs.1000 on the stock in the next one year.

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1 week ago

The Big ticket size IPO listed on discount but also given exit opportunities to those who applied for listing gains. then with market momentum it went to 500 and formed double bottom on chart. for 2020 specific if SBI Card holds 680 level then it will surely go till 900 by year end. fundamental fact only Listed company in CC segment in market with big market share. if Moratorium is removed from RBI & FM after 31st August then we may see some clear picture in next quarterly results.