As of now, all that we know is that the founder of the Café Coffee Day Group, Mr. Siddhartha is found dead.

Since Monday, based on the letter that was purportedly written by Siddhartha and the statement given by the company, attempts are being made to trace him but to no avail. He is said to have vanished from Mangalore region, where he was travelling by car.

While the actual reasons are not yet known, what emerges from the facts of the case till now is that he was deep in debt at a personal level and at a corporate level and the pressures from the tax authorities and the P/E funds that had invested in the company was getting too hard to endure. Regarding the share prices, they were already in lower circuit on Tuesday and the panic could continue till there clarity. However, the markets were worried overall because the CCD group owes banks above Rs.10,000 crore and that remains a major challenge for the company to continue. In addition, Indian mutual funds also have a credit risk exposure of nearly Rs.200 crore to the CCD group.