As of now, there are allegations made by the ED and these are being probed. It is alleged that Rana Kapoor’s family borrowed Rs.375 crore from Indiabulls Housing in 2017 to finance the purchase of a marquee property in the tony Amrita Shergill Marg property in New Delhi. The seller was industrialist Gautam Thapar, who had pledged the property with the bank and was involved in corporate governance issues of his own. ED is investigating Rana Kapoor and the web of companies that his family floated. Kapoor’s involvement in the above property is being particularly looked into. The property was purchased by Bliss Abode Private Limited in which Rana Kapoor’s wife Bindu Kapoor is a director. Thapar’s company, Avantha, had defaulted on a loan from Yes Bank. Bliss Abode purchased the property for about Rs.378 crore and the ED is investigating if the property was actually put up for an auction, which could have fetched a much better price. ED has also alleged that Bliss Abode had borrowed Rs.375 crore from Indiabulls Housing Finance to buy the property.