With Emami trying to prevent HUL from using a version of its Fair and Handsome brand, Hindustan Unilever has moved for an injunction against Emami Ltd. HUL had sought that it should be given at least seven days notice before Emami initiates any legal proceedings. Based on the initial review, the Bombay High Court granted this interim relief to HUL.

HUL has given a new twist to its arguments pertaining to Emami's threats of legal action, calling it groundless. HUL has argued that Fair & Lovely was a registered brand of HUL and Emami had actually copied it to launch Fair & Handsome. Therefore its latest version of Glow and Handsome could not be termed as infringement by any measure.

HUL had opted to rename products as Glow & Lovely and Glow & Handsome. The idea was to project a more inclusive vision of positive beauty without associating it so obviously with fairness of skin. This obsession with fairness had led to a lot of criticism by activists and women rights groups. The court found merit in the argument of HUL and granted injunction.

As directed by the court, HUL now gets another seven days before Emami can initiate any legal proceedings against it. The hearing is scheduled for 27 July. The key debatable issue here is whether generic terms like fair or handsome can be actually exclusively patented. That final decision may actually predicate on the view on this point.