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Mitali Bhutta made post

What is the latest status of the Oxford Vaccine that is being tested in India by the Serum Institute?

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Dawn Cherian answered.
1 week ago

Adar Poonawala’s Serum Institute of India, based out of Pune, has sought DCGI approval to commence phase II and III trial of COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine was developed by the University of Oxford. While the vaccine was developed at Oxford, the formulation is backed by AstraZeneca, which has allied with Serum Institute to produce the potential vaccine.

The company will launch the vaccine under the brand name of Covishield once the trials are successful and approved by DCGI. A total of 1600 participants will take part in the Phase II human trials. It will be an observer-blind, randomised controlled study to determine the safety of the vaccine. Serum proposes to produce 3-4 million doses by Dec-20.

Eventually, Serum Institute will manufacture 70 million doses each month and gradually scale it up to 100 million doses of the vaccine. The pricing is expected to be kept under Rs.1000 per dose to keep it affordable. Most likely, the government is expected to purchase the dose and distribute free. Serum has risked $200 million on the project.